Land, Sea and Islands Centre

Find out how we transformed the building and see our plans for the future.

About Project

Arisaig’s heritage centre, meeting place, tourist information and visitor hub. A converted blacksmith or “smiddy”; it was already owned by the village when Arisaig Community Trust assumed responsibility for running the building in 2012, prior to a full asset transfer being completed in 2013. The Local Development Officer then in place, took responsibility for the revitalisation and development of the centre. The centre now operates with a part-time manager and a sizeable team of volunteers.

LSIC Refurbishment

In 2015 the building underwent an internal refurbishment using sustainable materials to make it more energy-efficient, as part of a wider Arisaig Eco Project funded by the Climate Challenge Fund. The savings on running costs and increased revenue have allowed money to be put towards other community projects.

We are currently raising funds to extend the LSIC further. Planning permission has been granted for a sympathetic and contemporary extension with more exhibition space and increased opportunities for selling local goods and gifts.

Community Workshop “Bill’s Shed”

In 2019 we resurfaced and enlarged the car park to prepare for the construction of our new workshop. Funded by LEADER, HIE, the Arisaig Fund and private donations, the shed has been named after Arisaig resident Bill Henderson who was instrumental in setting up the Arisaig Community Council and Community Trust and was keenly involved in the community throughout his life.

Bill’s Shed is a multi-use building which hosts a variety of small workshops (examples include woodworking, art, seed and plant swaps) with partnership organisations and members of the community. It also stores artifacts for the heritage centre, exhibition materials, project equipment, tools and sporting equipment. Adjacent to the shed are Electrical Vehicle Charging Points.

Future Plans

Find out how we transformed the building and see our plans for the future.