Shorefront Project

Improving the layout of the Arisaig shorefront for visitors and residents with better parking, paths and signage.

About Project

Land along the village shorefront was acquired by the Trust in 2019 with monies granted by the Scottish Land Fund. In 2020 a community consultation was conducted seeking residents’ views on landscaping proposals to improve the amenity use of the area. Plans were agreed and a planning application submitted to and approved by The Highland Council. Unfortunately a bid for funding to the Rural Tourism Infrastructure Fund was unsuccessful and the project stalled at that point.

Since then new benches have been installed, paid for by generous donations from a number of residents and regular visitors. In 2023 a memorial bench to Father Wynn was placed by the Lochaber Housing Association in recognition of his huge contribution to local, affordable housing.

In early 2024 the car park opposite the Spar was resurfaced. This work was paid for by CJ Lang (the Spar owners), the Highland Council and a generous anonymous donor.

The Trust maintains the area and will continue to make small improvements as funds permit.